Topic 3: How an authentic online professional profile can be developed?

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Why is building an authentic online professional profile important?

Recruiting trends



Research shows that 73% of recruiters hire through social media and 93% review candidate’s social profile before hiring.[1] Employers have realised that one of the most efficient ways of improving job-seekers visibilities is through social media engagement [2] While employers uses Social Media heavily to gain a better image of us, our online presence can actually be a stepping-stone to find our dream Job!

Here’s a video on the change of how recruiters use social media for recruitment purposes:



Thus, let us not overlook the role of social media to develop a professional profile that determine our employability.

Tips on how to build an online professional profile

Source: Jobvite

The role of LinkedIn

One of the best ways to professionally control our online presence is through LinkedIn.[3] As seen in the picture, 94% of employers use Linkedln to screen for potential candidates [1]  Thus we should be aware that LinkedIn may actually plays a big role in our employability. Just as resume is necessary for job interviews, a professional online presence is needed for any kind of career opportunities (Laura Shin, 2014) [4] According to Pew Research Center, LinkedIn is used widely among the educated and high earners – people whom you want to connect to professionally [4] Thus, we can actually connect with high profile employers through one social platform. Additionally, connecting with our friends, previous and current co-workers, on LinkedIn may help expand our social network and help us discover new communities.

Here’s a tip on how to use LinkedIn SUCCESSFULLY: (read more to find out)

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Facebook, Twitter and other sites

Other than LinkedIn, which is known for professional purposes, employers also uses Facebook (66%) and Twitter (52%) for screening potential candidates [1]

According to my previous blog post, I mentioned about the importance of having a separate professional account from our personal account. Thus, we should explore in creating a separate Facebook and Twitter account specifically for professional purposes! However, we should be careful of what we post online and prevent situations where employers see the ugly side of us due to Social Media.(eg. Justin Sacco)


Additionally, professional blogging helps job-seekers to show their passion, creativity and unique selling points which can make them stand out in a competitive job market [5]


Here are some ways we can create a professional blog! 

Last but not least,


Be as truthful as we can when we build our online professional profiles, because any false information exposed may bring more harm to our reputation. Being authentic can help build more trust among our professional network and increase acquaintances referrals, which are valued by employers.



In conclusion, maintaining our reputation and professionalism online is crucial for a successful employment! Choose the right social media platform, be authentic and professional.

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